Tania Diggory Founder and Creative Director
Tania founded creative arts company United Grooves Ltd in 2010, as a creative producer, dance practitioner and writer. Tania has delivered artistic projects, events and exhibitions in the UK and abroad, and is a teacher, mentor and lecturer in dance and creative business development. Tania is also founder of Calmer, a platform that supports creative entrepreneurs on their startup journey, and has also worked with small and large scale charities through project management, marketing, fundraising and delivering national campaigns with an artistic edge. Tania manages the creative direction and programming for PHD as well as all partnerships and sponsorship's.

Kieron Nelson Operations and Event Coordinator
Kieron is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer and has been a member of award winning Hip-Hop dance company Boy Blue Entertainment since 2004. He has run his own dance company, Team Kaizen, since 2008 managing various practical and administrative responsibilities. Kieron assists with the deliverables of each PHD event, utilising his extensive business knowledge, broad network and passion for dance.

Carly Woodbridge Artist Manager and Marketing
A member of the Independent Dance Managers Network, Carly has undertaken several courses on leadership, funding and management and launched her own Artists Management and Production Company in 2012, Passion & Purpose. Having produced a range of her own successful events, Carly manages our artists as well as our social media campaigns and supports the overall running of each PHD event.

Charlotte De Wilde Event Coordinator
Specialising in the field of Event Management and Marketing, Charlotte brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. Her organisational and communication skills has seen Charlotte handle in-house and external corporate and fundraising events, company rebrands and various social media projects. Charlotte co-ordinates each PHD event and supports the overall running of the activities.

Luke HC Design and Marketing
Joining the PHD team in late 2014, Luke brings with him over eight years experience running independent hip-hop events in the South East & London. Co-founding Holdin' Court in 2009, Luke is an active member of the UK hip-hop community, providing many artists a platform and assisting various creative organisations and individuals with the development of their projects. Luke manages the branding of PHD and supports with marketing and promotions.

Alba Ariza Rueda Operations Assistant
Alba is a all-round performer, having studied at the London School of Film and Performance and Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Having completed her degree in International Events Management at Regents University London, Alba is simultaneously working on her debut album as a singer/songwriter and her previous events experience include charity, fashion and music events. Utilizing her broad network in the music and creative industries, Alba assists the team with promotion and sourcing sponsorship and funding opportunities.

Mechanikool Host
Mechanikool specialises in the styles of Popping and Animation and has learnt under the tutelage of popping legends such as Pop N Taco, Popin Pete, Skeeter Rabbit (RIP) and the Electric Boogaloos. Mechanikool was UK Popping Champion twice in 2006 and 2011 and a semi finalist in the Got to Dance 2013 series, making a big impact on TV and promoting Animation in its traditional form to a large UK audience. Mechanikool travels all over the UK and Europe sharing his knowledge and passion for dance with others. Click here to see Mechanikool in action.

Rowdy Host
Rowdy is a choreographer, artist and dance teacher.  With over seventeen years experience in street dance and hip-hop theatre, Rowdy has created dance groups such as the all female Flowzaic and Funkamental and has worked on both the production and performance for various shows including the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, Breaking Convention and B.supreme. Her tireless work and passion for women in hip-hop has seen her achieve a status as one of the finest teachers and female role models in the UK dance community. Click here to see Rowdy in action.

Robin Chaves Photographer
Robin is a photographer and retoucher and offers a fresh and candid approach to photography. Robin has worked in several high end photography studio's across the UK and created professional portfolio work for a range of models and dancers. Her work has been published in several magazines, such as Elle magazine and Dreamingless.
Robin has been the official photographer for PHD since 2013 and is co-founder and Director of Media for London-based modelling agency, Mayura.