Pioneers History Dance launched in London in November 2013 and was created to educate and celebrate the history and evolution of street dances and hip-hop culture. We deliver a range of events that aim to educate and inspire, dedicated to providing dancers, artists, and enthusiasts alike with unique opportunities to learn from carefully selected UK and international pioneers of dance and hip-hop. Our festival activities include exclusive dance workshops, panel discussions, film screenings, art exhibitions, performances, dance battles, freestyle jams and networking opportunities.

Previous artists and organisations we have featured at our events include members of Elite Force crew, Electric Boogaloos and Moncell Durden (USA), Meech (France) and UK based artists Mechanikool, Soul Mavericks, The Waacktitioners, Project Breakalign, The Twilight Firm and Rodney P. Previous art exhibitions include works by
Krishna Malla, T-Bo Art and B-Boy Documents.

What makes our events unique?

  • Meet with and learn from inspirational leaders of dance and hip-hop
  • Engage in exclusive learning opportunities that are rarely available in the UK
  • Take part in a variety of panel discussions and film screenings that aim to broaden your
    understanding of dance history, hip-hop culture and artistic development
  • Receive quality, authentic education on original street dance forms
  • Gain a wide range of artistic skills, develop your knowledge and enhance your confidence
  • Enjoy unique art and photography exhibitions that document the elements of hip-hop culture
  • Watch inspiring performances by UK and international dancers and hip-hop artists

Our focus is to unify communities of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to celebrate art and contribute to the legacy of dance and hip-hop culture in the UK. Pioneers History Dance are dedicated to preserving and promoting authentic art forms within hip-hop culture and actively encourage future generations to do the same.